Author Eric W. Dolan

Eric W. Dolan

Eric is the founder, publisher, and editor of PsyPost.

Severe Life Events and Poor Response to Antidepressant Medication

A study published in 2009 found that stressful events that occurred during or immediately prior to the treatment of depression were associated with poor responses from antidepressant medication. Stressful events did not appear to cause this lack of responsiveness to treatment in psychotherapy, though.

Attachment Orientation and Sex

Those with attachment anxiety tend to have sex with their partner in order to please them and express their love, whereas those with attachment avoidance tend to have sex in order to maintain their relationship, according to a study published in Personal Relationships in 2008.

Ratio of Women to Men Effects Likelihood of Marriage Among Young and Old Men

Although some may expect that as the proportion of young men in a society decreases, their likelihood to be married would increase, but according to an article published inEvolutionary Psychology , the opposite is true. In societies with a larger amount of women than men, young men are less likely to be married compared to young men from societies with more men than women.