PsyPost Behavior, cognition and society 2017-07-23T19:25:02Z WordPress Roberta Jenkins <![CDATA[Patients with a history of suicidal acts have different brain response to social exclusion]]> 2017-07-23T19:25:02Z 2017-07-23T19:25:02Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Young women suffering from anorexia nervosa tend to have a better sense of smell]]> 2017-07-23T19:07:23Z 2017-07-23T19:07:23Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Study links cyberchondria to the belief that dwelling on thoughts is uncontrollable]]> 2017-07-22T23:10:49Z 2017-07-22T23:10:05Z Roberta Jenkins <![CDATA[Study finds LSD decreases brain reactivity to fearful faces]]> 2017-07-22T01:06:40Z 2017-07-22T01:06:40Z The Conversation <![CDATA[Could we one day heal the mind by taking control of our dreams?]]> 2017-07-22T00:59:37Z 2017-07-22T00:59:37Z The Conversation <![CDATA[Study suggests autistic people are at greater risk of being radicalized]]> 2017-07-22T00:49:50Z 2017-07-22T00:49:50Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Study finds popular online porn videos are more likely to show men orgasming than women]]> 2017-07-21T02:54:29Z 2017-07-21T02:54:29Z Roberta Jenkins <![CDATA[Traditional intelligence tests might underestimate the co-occurrence of learning disorders and giftedness]]> 2017-07-21T02:46:27Z 2017-07-21T02:46:27Z Roberta Jenkins <![CDATA[Antisocial personality disorder linked to impairments of white matter microstructure]]> 2017-07-20T00:24:31Z 2017-07-20T00:24:31Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Ketamine produces rapid anti-anxiety effects that last for up to 7 days]]> 2017-07-19T00:09:01Z 2017-07-19T00:09:01Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Conservative Christians are more likely to think porn is immoral but view it anyway, study finds]]> 2017-07-18T21:55:56Z 2017-07-18T21:55:56Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Study examines: Does a larger wine glass make you drink faster — or slower?]]> 2017-07-18T00:46:55Z 2017-07-18T00:46:55Z Eric W. Dolan <![CDATA[Neuroimaging study finds social conservatives have heightened brain reaction to a wide variety of stimuli]]> 2017-07-18T01:15:33Z 2017-07-18T00:10:43Z Aeon <![CDATA[How we learn to read another’s mind by looking into their eyes]]> 2017-07-17T23:29:17Z 2017-07-17T23:29:17Z The Conversation <![CDATA[The brain and the gut talk to each other: how fixing one could help the other]]> 2017-07-17T23:26:15Z 2017-07-17T23:26:15Z