Survey of Beliefs and Values of Psychedelic Drug Users

In 2006, the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published an article that investigated the values and beliefs of psychedelic drug users compared to users of non-psychedelic drugs.

The study was conducted by sending questionnaires to 110 Israeli and 73 Australian participants. The questionnaires assessed demographic information, drug use, empathy, values (such as spirituality and financial prosperity), mystical beliefs, and coping abilities.

As expected, those who used psychedelic drugs tended to score higher on ratings of mystical beliefs than those who used illicit non-psychedelic drugs or licit drugs (alcohol.) Life values such as concern for others, spirituality, concern for the environment, and creativity also tended to be higher among psychedelic users while financial prosperity tended to be rated lower.

Users of non-psychedelic illicit drugs tended to report a lower ability to cope with stress than both non-illicit drug users and psychedelic drug users.


Lerner, M. & Lyvers, M. (2006). Values and beliefs of psychedelic drug users: a cross-cultural study. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, Vol 38, No 2: 143-147.