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PsyPost is interested in telling the world about new developments in psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience.

Our website publishes articles from researchers, science writers and freelancers who have a strong background in science.

We are only interested in news articles about scientific research published in peer-reviewed journals. PsyPost is not interested in publishing opinion pieces, personal essays, how-to articles, listicles, or general “explainers.”

Your article should summarize, in layman terms, new findings in psychology or neuroscience.

In about 400 words, the article should address: who the researchers are, where and when was the study published, why the researchers were interested in conducting the study, the methodology they used, the most important take-away for the average person, and the study’s main limitations.

How do I submit an article?

Send a final draft of your article to [email protected]. The draft should include links to the relevant research articles. You can pitch the article beforehand to increase the odds it will be accepted.

PsyPost reserves the right to edit articles as necessary and to refuse to publish any article.

Can I submit more than one article at a time?

Yes. You can submit up to five articles at a time.

Will I be paid?

PsyPost has a limited budget, but we do offer monetary compensation for some content. PsyPost offers $20 for exclusive news articles about studies that have not been previously covered by other outlets. We offer $10 for articles aggregated from press releases or news reports. We send money via PayPal.

Can I write about my own research?

Yes. PsyPost also allows researchers to submit articles about their own studies, but we do not offer financial compensation for these articles.

We will also ensure that any such article does not aggressively hype, overgeneralize, or otherwise distort the findings of the actual study. The article should make it clear that it was written by the author of the study.

I published an article on my personal blog or another website. Can it be republished on PsyPost?

Yes. PsyPost is willing to republish articles that you retain the rights to and that meet our standards. We do not offer financial compensation for these articles, but can include a link back to the original piece.

I submitted an article but received no response – what gives?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to every one.