Author Eric W. Dolan

Eric W. Dolan

Eric is the founder, publisher, and editor of PsyPost.

Baby got back: Pop music reflects principles of evolutionary psychology

Nearly 92 percent of songs in the Billboard Top Ten charts for Country, Pop, and R&B in 2009 contained reproductive themes, with an average of 10.5 reproductive messages per song, according to an analysis by psychologists at the University at Albany in New York. And the trend extends back more than 400 years.

Is happiness a mental disorder?

In a satirical proposal to classify happiness as a psychiatric disorder, Richard P. Bentall of the Liverpool University notes that it is a statistically abnormal psychological phenomenon that is associated with a range of cognitive abnormalities.

Ecstasy alters women’s experience of sex

Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy, alters women’s experience of sexual behavior by reducing social inhibitions, enhancing sensory perceptions, and heightening feelings of empathy, according to a published study.

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