Author University of Bonn

Accurate prognosis for epilepsy patients

Scientists at Bonn University Hospital and at the Max Planck Institute for neurological research in Cologne have developed a method with which the chances of success of a surgical procedure for temporal lobe epilepsy can be accurately predicted.

Alzheimer’s disease: Inflammation as a new therapeutic approach

A team of scientists under the guidance of the University of Bonn and University of Massachusetts (USA) and with the participation of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases have discovered a new signaling pathway in mice which is involved in the development of chronic inflammation which causes nerve cells in the brain to malfunction and die off.

Clustering map of brain by UC San Diego School of Medicine
Risk aversity visible in the brain

Some people live their lives by the motto no risk – no fun! and avoid hardly any risks. Others are clearly more cautious and focus primarily on safety when investing and for other business activities.

Researchers decipher manic gene

Researchers from the University of Bonn and the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim have now discovered, based on patient data and animal models, how the NCAN gene results in the manic symptoms of bipolar disorder.

When anxiety won’t go away

Feelings of anxiety very effectively prevent people from getting into situations that are too dangerous. Those who have had a terrible experience initially tend to avoid the place of tragedy out of fear. If no other oppressive situation arises, normally the symptoms of fear gradually subside.