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Effects on Personality May Be Mechanism of Antidepressant Effectiveness

Results of a study of antidepressant treatment for major depression suggest that changes in personality traits seen in patients taking the drug paroxetine (Paxil) may not be the result of the medication’s lifting of mood but may instead be a direct effect of this class of drugs and part of the mechanism by which they relieve depression.

Facebook Profiles Can Be Used to Assess Levels of Narcissism

In 2008, the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin published a study conducted by Laura Buffardi and W. Keith Campbell that examined whether laymen could accurately rate an individuals level of narcissism based on the content of their Facebook profile.

Facebook and Willingness to Communicate

Contrary to conventional wisdom, a person’s willingness to communicate offline is similar to their willingness to communicate on the internet. Those who are not willing to communicate offline also tend to have the same unwillingness to communicate online.

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